In the Kitchen with John

In the Kitchen with John

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If there is one constant you can rely on, it’s change, and COVID-19 has certainly provided us with more than our fair share of change.

Cooking for family, clients, and friends has long been a passion and important part of my life. I’ve always believed we strengthen bonds with others when we “break bread” and share a meal together. Whether spending time with clients cooking over an open fire at our cabin or sharing a meal at a lunch meeting in town, it’s these occasions that gave rise to some of my most memorable business memories.

When March winds blew in COVID-19, the concept of normal took on a completely new look. While my family kept safe in isolation at our rural cabin, I remained in town to care for our business and our clients’ businesses. Unable to host friends, family and clients for meals in person, I turned to cooking videos as a creative outlet to fill the void; These videos have presented me the opportunity to continue my passion for sharing recipes that I’ve enjoyed with others over the years.

Technology presents us with an ideal opportunity to navigate the pandemic together, and to make an impact in homes around the world. I’ve enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the opportunity to virtually host my clients and business colleagues in my kitchen. And carry on the tradition of sharing recipes and stories.

COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of our relationships, both personally and in business.

I hope these blogs will help fill your mind and stomach at the same time.


John’s appetite for business extends from the boardroom to the kitchen. John shares recipes that help build connections with clients through food.

"If there is one constant you can rely on, it's change, and COVID-19 has certainly provided us with more than our fair share of it."

Charcuterie Board

When you’re putting together a board you want to consider getting a variety of flavors and different textures to stimulate your taste buds.

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“Sarma” Croatian Stuffed Cabbage

I grew up in a very ethnic part of Winnipeg Manitoba. Some of my fondest memories are the flavors and aromas of the many cultural foods I experienced while visiting the homes of neighborhood friends. “Sarma” Croatian Stuffed Cabbage is one of my favorite dishes to eat.

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Cauliflower Curry Soup

Nothing tastes better on a cold day than a bowl of warm soup! One of my favorite soups in the winter is a Cauliflower Curry Soup served with a slice of fresh baked bread.

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Pioneer Stew

A warm bowl of stew is a classic comfort food! This simple pioneer recipe is always a hit. Use what ever meat you like (beef, chicken, pork, wild game), and add in the vegetables that you enjoy.

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Cooking for friends during COVID-19

In this video I’m cooking a few favorite dishes for close friends of ours and dropping off a warm packaged dinner that should be great for a couple of evening meals. When we can’t be with someone in person, we can still be with them at heart.

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