Spatchcock Turkey

Our family enjoys turkey throughout the entire year. Turkeys go on sale at great prices at Christmas and Thanksgiving, so I’ll often stock up on half a dozen birds as they keep well in the freezer.

In this video I’ll show you one of the fastest and simplest way to cook a turkey by “spatchcock” cooking it. With this method the bird is split open at the spine and splayed out flat. This allows the turkey to cook evenly throughout. I use high heat to ensure crispy skin on the outside.

I’ll be oven roasting assorted vegetable to go along with the turkey for dinner. Our family is small, but we will often cook a large bird and then package the leftover meat for future dinners (shepherds pie, turkey soup, turkey wraps, turkey stir-fry, etc.).

If this is the first time cooking a turkey, I’m sure you’ll find this recipe will be a hit.


  1. one turkey
  2. potatoes
  3. carrots
  4. assorted root vegetables of your choice

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