Helping Construction Go Paperless

As businesses move more and more towards digital infrastructures for strategy or necessity (such as COVID-19), the implementation of technologies that free companies from paper are on the rise. In the certain industries that can’t stop their core activities but must reduce human contact, like the construction sector, implementation of these technologies is critical.    

John Zubak sits down with Matt Thurber from Traqspera to understand how their company supports construction companies and contractors in eliminating paperwork from activities like timesheets, budget control and others.

Beyond just having less paper and less physical contact between office and field, John and Matt discuss the broader adoption of technology to boost operations and how leaders are less reactive to some innovations and new forms of communication like video conferencing and cloud computing. Matt shows how Traqspera switched to online training and video conferencing tools in order to continue servicing customers in all of North America during the pandemic without having to travel.

The conversation is essential for viewers to understand how new platforms and technological solutions can help keep construction employees safe and more efficient on the jobsite to keep our economy active. Check out the video for the full conversation.

Here at Zubak & Associates, we embrace innovation in all forms and apply it safely and in a user-friendly, profitable way. If you wish to discuss how your company can take the next steps towards transformation, CONTACT US. To see more blog posts, click here  BLOG PAGE. Visit the Traqspera webpage  TRAQSPERA to know more about Matt and their work to support digital transformation in the construction sector.

Continuous Innovation in the Transportation Industry

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