Best sales practices under changing environments

The core rules of engagement for salespeople may not change a lot over time, but present circumstances have turned best practices inside-out. Few other events in the last decades have been as significant as COVID-19. How does a pandemic affect sales tactics?

John Zubak sits down with Dan DePalma, VP of Sales for Streamline Transportation Technologies, to go over two of the most useful sales tools, and how sales meetings changed in 2020 because of social distancing.

The talk discusses follow-ups and credibility, and how these form the foundation of relationships, no matter the scenario. Dan goes over the idea of timely and well-executed follow-up with prospects and clients, and how building credibility, by way of honesty and sincerity, solidifies these relations. 

As well, John and Dan talk about the best strategy for socially distant meetings. It’s no secret that they don’t carry the same weight as in-person contacts, but it doesn’t mean it can’t turn into a warm, comfortable experience for salesperson and client. Watch the video to learn Dan’s approach.

We at Zubak & Associates are here to support your sales success, from prospecting to nurturing long-term relationships with your clients. If you wish to discuss how your company can benefit from a streamlined, efficient sales operation, CONTACT US.  To see more sales tips, click here BLOG PAGE. Visit the Streamline webpage STREAMLINE  to learn more about Dan and their work to improve the transportation industry through technology.

Continuous Innovation in the Transportation Industry

Transportation of goods is one of the essential industries, unstopped even by the pandemic. How is technology safekeeping the operation by ensuring driver safety and fleet productivity? John Zubak talks to Dan De Palma (Streamline Transportation Technologies) to find out more.

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