How to Make a “Starter” Yeast Culture for Baking

The pandemic brought out both the worst and the best in people. Hording of yeast certainly fit into the “worst” category. Many people were able to find flour (or had plenty already in their cupboard at home), but finding yeast became a real issue).

In this video I show you how you can easily make a “yeast starter” with just a pinch of yeast of any kind. We go into how to feed your starter and back any type of bread/dough recipe from it. I also explain how you can share your yeast starter with a friend or neighbor.

If you keep it your starter “fed” it can last you for years. For anyone who cannot borrow a pinch of yeast from neighbors to get your culture started, I’ve included a video below where you can use the natural yeast in the air to begin the process.

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