Young Innovators – Luca Mullins

Ideas are inherent to all of us. We are born with the ability to imagine, combine, deconstruct, and rebuild anything we can think. That means there is no minimum age to create and show ourselves to the world. Moreover, there is no reason we shouldn’t support entrepreneurs of any age here at Zubak & Associates.

In a different but meaningful conversation, John Zubak interviews Luca Mullins. He is a 12-year old author who has published his first novel and is going not only through the creative process applicable to arts, but also business.

The Fire Triangle tells a love story that spans several years, from 2001 to today. What stands out is that the background to this narrative is the 9/11 attacks in the US. It is a tale of hope told during one of the bleakest moments of the world, and was born out of Luca’s visit to the 911 Memorial in NYC.

Even though the author wasn’t even born during 9/11, the experience of visiting the site moved him to create something inspiring out of it. It is the first lesson we take from the conversation: our lowest points are sometimes a reason to feel hopeful and work for the best. That resonates even today when we are going through a different but not less urgent crisis.   

But how does one write about something one did not live? Luca shows resourcefulness by applying extensive research, combined with his emotional memories of the site and keen observation of street names and building layouts. This novel constructs a faithful representation of a place and time in which he did not live.

Research is one of the tools of any innovator. Innovation must cross boundaries to help us achieve our best. Luca had the creativity to write a novel, the resourcefulness to research thoroughly to make his work credible and has the business acumen to show himself to the world.

With Amazon and Indigo carrying the book and putting himself up for interviews such as this one, he shows that creativity for the arts goes together with creativity for business. Knowing where to take your work, how to make yourself noticed and how to acquire your audience is also an artful skill.   

As well, the gatekeepers of the publishing industry have lost a lot of their power: the only barriers between your ideas and the world are those you put up. We have tools, platforms, and channels open to show ourselves and get published, noticed, and acknowledged. It worked for Luca, and it will work for you, your business, and your children.

About your children – everyone has a sleeping giant inside, waiting to be awakened and fulfill a more significant role in the world. And, it’s never too late to start, it’s never too soon either. What parents of future innovators can do is foster an environment where your children can imagine and act on their thoughts and insights. That makes for confident adults, able to realize their potential.

To purchase The Fire Triangle, by Luca Mullins, visit the author page on the Friesen Press website:  AUTHOR LUCA MULLINS  , or get the book from AMAZON, INDIGO ,  Or if you are looking for an autographed copy contact PAULA PRESTA  (Luca’s Mom).  For more insights into “The Fire Triangle” and to be updated on future works from the author, you can like and follow The Fire Triangle FACEBOOK PAGE.

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