Adapting and evolving in challenging times

Innovation takes many forms, and some often mistake it by purely technological advances. However, changing your habits to adapt to new realities is a form of personal innovation that is just as transformative as the next big tech.  

City of Kamloops Councillor Arjun Singh sits down with John Zubak, in a candid conversation about new personal and professional skills in demand for a post-COVID reality and the ability to embrace change and have a positive outlook, making it work for you.

On the business side, John and Arjun discuss how accepting change and transforming behaviors can apply for companies. How can colored duct tape foster new customer habits? And how simple yet ingenious solutions can boost a corporate profile? Watch the video for the answers (and some cooking tips!). 

Here at Zubak & Associates, we embrace innovation in all forms and apply it safely and in a user-friendly, profitable way. If you wish to discuss how your company can take the next steps towards transformation, CONTACT US.  To see more blog posts, click here BLOG PAGE.


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