Human Resources in a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

HR is one of the departments that feels the most significant impact of shifts, like the one brought by COVID-19. In a new reality, where work moved from offices to homes and may stay that way for the foreseeable future, what role do HR managers play to maintain unity and productivity, while caring for the workforce needs and anxieties?

There are many concerns that HR managers and teams need to address, including crossing the office lines into home offices and going deeper into a more personal approach and support. As challenging as it seems, there is a silver lining.

To discuss that silver lining and the path towards it, HR Specialist Lisa Fuller (MAL, CPHR) points to three essential topics on any HR conversations during COVID-19:

  1. How to connect with remote workers, make sure HR is hearing them, even when away from the physical office.
  2. How to care for their mental health, not only now but from now on. For Lisa, this is an excellent opportunity for employers to review current policies and draft new ones to support employees’ anxieties, stress and offer proper assistance.
  3. What the future looks like for HR departments: what “human contact” will mean in a remote work setting? How to sponsor collaboration?

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