Community Effort – the Meals for Truckers Case

There are many reasons for businesses to exist. However, one reason serves a higher purpose: making a difference in people’s lives, from their immediate communities to all those who can benefit from their existence.

John Zubak met Greg Munden (Munden Ventures), co-creator of the Meals for Truckers initiative, to talk about this and show how different businesses (even competitors) are pulling together to bring relief to such an essential part of the supply chain. This talk discusses caring for your customers and how that goes beyond the bottom line.

The Meals for Truckers program has the mission of helping drivers across British Columbia to access food and facilities on the road during the Covid-19 situation and to acknowledge their work in this time when they are even more essential. Zubak and Associates has proudly been a program partner since the beginning, and during this chat, John and Greg talk about the different ways companies are helping.  

At Zubak & Associates, we advise your business not only on operations and sales performance but also on this “higher purpose” we mentioned above. A company without a social awareness and community role is no longer sustainable in the world we live in today. We help you design your mission and purpose to help elevate your business and your market as well. To know how we can help you with this task,  CONTACT US.

To see more of our tips, visit our BLOG PAGE. To know more about Meals for Truckers, check their page MEALS FOR TRUCKERS . Also, visit Munden Ventures at  MUNDEN TRUCKING .


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