Preparing Business Students for Post-Covid-19 Careers

Of the many groups afflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic, students are among the most affected. On the professional side, there is still a question on how and whether companies will absorb a new workforce; on the academic side, there is the challenge for universities to deliver the content and observe safety measures.

Dr. Mike Henry (Dean, School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University) joins John Zubak on a chat to discuss how these two universes converge and to find out where the opportunities are for employers, students, faculty, and universities.

And how can universities connect to students and make sure they are getting the knowledge they need? The mix between remote and in-person delivery will need to cover necessary material and be an opportunity for more flexible schedules. This flexibility will extend to students’ work schedules or towards more time to work on innovation.  

Of course, entrepreneurship is also a topic, and students will have the opportunity to create solutions for companies looking for better ways to do business in the post-COVID-19 world. The possibilities are there, and universities have to become facilitators for innovation.  

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