Landscaping after COVID-19

For many businesses, the physical store is still the main point of contact with customers, and not even COVID-19 can change that. In these current times, the question is how to balance attractiveness, layout optimization and safety?

John Zubak stops by Lyons Landscaping for a visit and a chat with owner Colin Lyons, to see how they are adapting the in-person experience to new rules of engagement.

Among the lessons learned from the conversation, the importance of managing customers’ expectations is the primary concern, ranging from the anxiety of being able to go outside, walking safely through aisles and catching up with lost time to work on their gardens. Colin goes over the changes in their Garden Centre, and how pickup and curbside delivery fall into the mix.    

The talk shows that not all changes come from closing physical stores, but how to harmonize these with new business models. Check out the video for more.

Here at Zubak & Associates, we embrace innovation in all forms and apply it safely and in a user-friendly, profitable way. If you wish to discuss how your company can take the next steps towards transformation, CONTACT US.

To see more of our Industry Meets Innovation articles, visit our BLOG PAGE.  To know more about Lyons Landscaping, check their webpage  LYONS LANDSCAPING


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