Upgrading Your Construction Business With Technology


Construction companies are essential to the economy and can operate even in adverse conditions, as evidenced by the current COVID-19 scenario. However, one setback that many companies do not realize is how slow processes are because of paperwork.

John Zubak shows the alternative that can improve any construction business, making them compliant to safety norms and streamlining equipment management, timesheets, and even packing slips.

With specialized apps, any company can centralize and manage multiple sites from the head office, assuring employees are safe (managing PPE compliance, for example), that hours and budgets get real-time monitoring and that equipment usage and transportation are happening as planned. Watch the video to see how these solutions can lead to more precise projects and improve customer satisfaction.

At Zubak & Associates, we want to ensure you make the most of the technological platforms available for your industry, as well as make sure your company is always up to date in resources and tools. If you wish to learn more about how we can help implement technology into your construction business  CONTACT US.

To see more of our tech tips, visit our  BLOG PAGE.


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