Increasing Bandwidth for Remote Workers Using Internet Bonding

For businesses, the race to adapt to the Covid-19 scenario first was to ensure employees had all the equipment, such as laptops and headsets, necessary to work safely at home. Now, after solving that challenge, companies must focus on both the quality of internet connections and bandwidth capacity for video conferencing and other cloud-based tools. Since bandwidth is often shared with other members of the same household, this may cause “freezing” in video calls and delays with cloud-based tools.

In this video, John Zubak talks about internet bonding and how it can ensure remote workers have the bandwidth necessary to work without interruption. A bonding device allows numerous household internet feeds to be combined; this increases bandwidth capacity and also provides another layer of redundancy. For any business that needs to ensure quality communication standards for their remote workforce, bonding could be vital to the company roadmap.

Here at Zubak & Associates, we embrace innovation through technology and help you to apply it in a safe, user-friendly and profitable way. If you wish to learn more about our bonding services or to discuss how we can help your company take the next steps towards digital transformation, contact us CONTACT US

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