Are you ready for a post-COVID-19 market?

The current COVID-19 crisis caught us all unaware, bringing swift changes in behaviour and social guidelines. What we saw as “trends” or “insights” up to last month went into overdrive. Because of our new reality, adaptation is mandatory for survival. Beyond that, we need to understand where we will be once this is over and how that will affect our business.

Addressing these points, John Zubak brings ideas to the table, pointing out what customers are going through now and how this relates to where they’ll be in a post-COVID-19 world. How will the increasing use of videoconferencing and related platforms like e-learning, remote work, e-commerce spikes and others affect our digital strategies?

This video focuses on: 

  • E-commerce – moving from “you must adopt it” to “how to improve the customer experience”
  • Video – how to communicate effectively
  • Infrastructure – what are the demands for technology and resources to make all this happen?

Here at Zubak and Associates, we embrace innovation through technology and want to help you to apply it in a safe, user-friendly and profitable way. If you wish to discuss how your company can take the next steps towards digital transformation, CONTACT US

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