Two Tactical Sales Tips

Sales training and skills improvement significantly done on the job: you face your prospects, and no matter your experience level, there’s always something to learn. However, some easy to apply exercises and tools can streamline the learning process and drive more and better closings. John Zubak talked to Scott Neufeld to discuss two of these techniques that can make a difference in your next sales meeting.

Scott Neufeld is the Director of Product Management at Diligent Corporation, a company focused on creating digital governance solutions to improve board management and deliver comprehensive information to drive substantial business decisions in a secure environment.

Scott talks about the importance of two tools: keeping notes from them and recording your meetings. According to the executive, note-keeping should be concise and structured. As for recording, it is an excellent self-knowledge resource and a reliable source of quotes for your meeting notes. During the talk with John, Scott gives details on how to do both efficiently and without prejudice to core sales activities while still effectively driving closings.

One of the things we teach business owners and sales teams here at Zubak and Associates is that professional selling is about how you can turn anxieties and expectations into robust solutions. We help you build your pitch from the customers you want to reach to the best way to demonstrate and deliver value to them. If you want to know how we can help you, please CONTACT US.

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