Putting Your Customer First

How do you sabotage a great product or solution? Customers come to you with a problem that needs to be solved, meaning they have a unique perspective that will make or break that sale. If you approach them with a “one size fits all,” feature-based, specs-laden approach, you will likely get disengaged prospects drifting away from you. John Zubak talked to Andrew Chacko to explain the importance of asking questions as a sales strategy.

Andrew Chacko is the owner of Geode Capital. Specialized in helping small and medium businesses grow and prosper, he fulfils their potential through dedicated management and investment.

Andrew Shares personal examples of how a salesperson asked questions and brought a customer to the centre of the conversation (rather than pushing away by bringing the solution to the centre) and convinced them to go with the more expensive solution. He shows that by asking simple questions, showing empathy and actively listening to your prospects’ main points and expectations, you can deliver a pitch that turns price discussions into value statements.

One of the things we teach business owners and sales teams here at Zubak and Associates is that professional selling is about how you can turn anxieties and expectations into robust solutions. We help you build your pitch from the customers you want to reach to the best way to demonstrate and deliver value to them. If you want to know how we can help you, CONTACT US .

To see more posts about how sales tips, check our  BLOG PAGE . To find out more about Andrew and Geode Capital, visit their website GEODE CAPITAL


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