The Future of Drones and Wildfires

Innovation is a result of the search for a solution to real problems. Technology is more accessible than ever, but without a keen observation of the world around, there’s no groundbreaking innovation. Robert Atwood talks to John Zubak about how his experience fighting wildfires in British Columbia gave him and his business partner the insight to bring drones into this field, at a time where this technology was still little explored.

Robert Atwood is co-founder and director of Hummingbird Drones, one of the leaders in drone technology and training, working with emergency response teams, forestry companies, mining operations and others.

Having a first-person view of the problem posed by wildfires, and the limitations presented to firefighters, Hummingbird Drones was able to create a solution using sensors to provide infrared area scanning and mapping, bringing analytics to the wildfires in British Columbia. During this talk, Robert also shares some insights about the future of drones, including starting fires to prevent fires, an ingenious solution made easier by the application of technology.

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