Remote Working? Here Is The Inside Scoop

How can a person in Kamloops work with a peer in Scotland? Remote working is becoming more ubiquitous, with technologies improving, large bandwidths at lower costs and the realization by employers of the benefits from this activity. John Zubak sat down with Stephanie Butland to find out what makes remote working a good business practice, for employers and employees.

Stefanie Butland is a scientist and a Community Manager for rOpenSci, a collaborative software development organization dedicated to building technical and social infrastructure to enable open and reproducible research. Counting on an almost entirely remote team, rOpenSci relies on Stephanie to engage users, working remotely from Kamloops.

Watch this video to understand how remote working expands the job pool for employers, and how employees can choose to work and live anywhere and still secure jobs on high-end markets.

Other essential takeaways include a rundown of some tools to get remote collaboration underway, some productivity tips to keep engaged in this environment, and how to work on team-building for mixed in-person and remote groups.

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