Colin Lyons Transforms Landscaping With Technology

How does a company in a traditional industry become a startup? By embracing technology combined with human insight that improves customer service and operations management. John Zubak had a chat with Colin Lyons about the move from Lyons Landscaping to Lyons Everything, made possible by a redesign of the entire process, from project to delivery, showing that any innovation is open for digital transformation.

Colin Lyons is the CEO and President of Lyons Landscaping, servicing Western Canada since 1998, with over 25,000 jobs performed and several excellence awards.

Colin takes us to a tour of Lyons’ HQ, showing the multi-team approach to execute the projects with hi-fidelity models that become accountable hours and cost, with employee engagement through better control of tasks and full-time monitoring of all equipment performance.

Watch the video to find out how high technology becomes a competitive advantage when combined with a comprehensive business process, employee engagement and a focus on customer experience.

Here at Zubak & Associates, we embrace innovation through technology and help you to apply it in a safe, user-friendly and profitable way. If you wish to discuss how your company can take the next steps towards digital transformation, CONTACT US.

To see more of our Industry Meets Innovation articles, visit our BLOG PAGE. To know more about Colin and Lyons, check their web-page LYONS LANDSCAPING


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