Advice From Hummingbird Drones

Drones and their underlying technology (like batteries and GPS) are becoming more and more accessible, to the point that drone use can range from a weekend photographer looking for a twist on the hobby to organizational purposes, like firefighters tracking wildfire hazards. Listen to this talk John Zubak had with Robert Atwood, and you’ll find out how to differentiate this and purchase considerations.

Robert Atwood is co-founder and director of Hummingbird Drones, one of the leaders in drone technology and training, working with emergency response teams, forestry companies, mining operations and others.

For Robert, understanding which drone is the best fit for you depends heavily on having a clear use case. Due to strict regulations, more domestic uses can bypass the need for certifications if the equipment is under the minimum standards. For corporate use, a clear vision also helps to know beforehand which hardware and certifications will be necessary.

At Zubak & Associates, we want to make sure you make the most of the technological platforms available for your industry, as well as make sure that your company is always up to date in resources and tools. If you wish to know more about how we can help you,  CONTACT US.

To see more of our tech tips, visit our BLOG PAGE.  To learn more about Robert, visit his website HUMMINGBIRD DRONES


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