Mundens Leads The Way In Transportation Technology

John Zubak talked to Greg Munden (Munden Ventures) about the technologies that make transportation more efficient, reliable and safer for the drivers, as well as the challenges behind digital transformation in traditional industries.

Every business in every industry can go through a digital transformation process. In a recent talk with Greg Munden, John Zubak explored how Munden Ventures incorporated high-end technology to improve both operations and drivers’ safety.

Greg Munden is the owner of Munden Ventures, a traditional company that offers trucking, forestry and maintenance services. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA).

During the talk, Greg talked about initiatives such as telematics and e-logs and how Munden was the first company to invest in these adoptions, in 2014. We also discussed future technologies and best practices when introducing these to a traditional setting and how to encourage employees to move beyond old comfort zones to embrace technology, selling the idea of benefits to both company and drivers.

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