Drupal Migration with Aaron McGowan

Platform migrations are a recurrent necessity to ensure your business has the best set of tools available. Still, it takes time and planning not to become a liability to your information and operation. John Zubak sat with Aaron McGowan to list the main points you should keep in mind when migrating to the most recent Drupal versions.

Aaron McGowan is the CEO of Digital Convergence and of the McGowan Digital Group, dedicated to helping clients deliver improved digital experiences through platforms and websites.

Aaron highlights that the main issues for a company considering migration go from finding the right timing, to having a clear understanding of migration benefits, and to make the most of these.

Other notable takeaways from the talk deal with the expectations about implementation time, and the proper selection of qualified partners, with a focus on long-term relationships and how to gradually move from actual to ideal scenarios, without losing the quality of your digital delivery. Watch the video to find out more.

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